Anti-Corruption Guidelines

The company U. Del Corona & Scardigli S.r.l. believes that ethics in business favours entrepreneurial activity, spreading its image of loyalty, transparency, fairness and reliability. For this reason, the main objective of the Company is to  carry out  all its activities in compliance with the regulations in force, not only hoping but also demanding that external relations be based in accordance with laws, regulations and the provisions of its own Code of Ethics.

According to Anti-Corruption Laws, in general the direct or indirect promise, offer, payment or acceptance of money or other benefits aimed to obtain or maintain a business or ensure an unfair advantage in relation to business activities by Company representatives, its Business Partners and anyone who carries out activities in favor of or on behalf of the Company itself is considered illegal.

From this point of view, the Company does not admit any form of corruption and undertakes to comply with the Anti-Corruption regulations in force in all the countries where it works directly or through its subsidiaries.

The Anti-Corruption Guidelines adopted by the Company aim to provide a systematic framework of principles, rules of conduct and controls to:

  • prevent the Company’s directors, employees, consultants, collaborators and partners from being involved in any way in corruption
  • to detect, report and manage any cases of corruption that may occur
  • in general to guarantee the compliance of the company with the Anti-Corruption Laws.

The principles of conduct described in the Anti-Corruption Guidelines are therefore aimed to identify and create anti-corruption strategies on which specific protocols, operating instructions and procedures preventing corruption risks are based.

The Anti-Corruption Guidelines, which can be downloaded from this page, must therefore be considered in conjunction not only with the Code of Ethics but also with the Organization, Management and Control Model pursuant to Legislative Decree No. 231/01 applied by the Company

Download Anti-Corruption Guidelines (pdf format)